October 29, 2011

more halloween spookiness

A crazy whirlwind of an evening... you shoulda seen the cake - bust of Marie Antoinette with a cotton candy beehive hairdo and vampire teeth.

if marie antoinette was a vampire...

A sneak peek of some flowers we're doing for an awesome charity event at Lambert's tonight.

October 22, 2011

gourds, dahlias and peonies

A couple of fall arrangements going out this week, love the gourds mixed with the whipped-cream-soft dahlias.

October 15, 2011

sweet southern wedding at mansion on judge's hill

An elegant but approachable wedding we did this spring. Sweetest bride and groom ever! I wish them all the best... and I may steal those teal shoes.

October 12, 2011

james allan salon by studio 512

Check out these gorgeous shots that Casey Woods captured of the James Allan Salon. Nicole Blair at Studio 512 recently remodelled this cottage into a warm and modern salon space. We loved providing the flowers for the shoot. Wish I could live here...


October 11, 2011

fall berries

A couple of recent arrangements going to lucky ladies. The best of fall - berries and lots of texture with a pop of unexpected gloriosa pink. And a little velvety-leafed Cuban oregano, something I've never seen before... smelled so good.

October 10, 2011

one final shot

Ok, last shot taken from the beach... I'm just having so much fun playing around with Instagram I can't quit. It's seriously addictive. Anybody know of other apps like it, or maybe something you can use on a laptop, not just an iPhone?

b hollyman gallery opening

October 8, 2011

I took a walk on the beach tonight while Kyle was still surfing (with sharks and dolphins this time), and there were so many rustic sandcastles.

the light on the island

Blurry turtles in motion and some shots Kyle took this morning while I was still sleeping. Can't believe I missed such beautiful morning light...

south padre island

A much needed break from reality: a few days on the stunning South Padre Island. Kyle surfed with sharks... we visited the Turtle Rescue Center and saw an amazing Atlantic Green turtle named Allison with only one fin who was fitted with a carbon fiber prosthetic so she could swim... I swam (!)... clean and clear 84 degree water, air temps in the nineties... what an October. Notice how the sand dunes have taken over the left-hand lane in the bottom image... good thing it's a sparsely traveled road.