December 29, 2011

December 2, 2011

seattle... inspired by marigold and mint

Did I tell you I went to Seattle this August? It was amazing. I got to visit some places that I've been stalking online forever. Like Marigold and Mint, Sitka & Spruce and Nettletown...

Marigold and Mint is the retail front of the organic farm and floral design studio owned by Katherine Anderson... they sell a delightful assortment of veggies, flowers and gifts out of the newly renovated Melrose Market Building in Capitol Hill, Seattle, which is like a permanent farmer's market.

I had dinner the next night at Sitka & Spruce, their neighbor that focuses on locally sourced everything... and if I could renovate my house I would choose to make it look just like their open-kitchen dining room. Love.

Nettletown Cafe, who's wall art made me smile, also had some tasty locally-foraged treats. Looks like I caught it just in time, as they've now closed. I can't wait to go to Seattle again, maybe make it any annual pilgrimage?