August 28, 2008

color palette: green, gold and dusty blue

I was inspired by a friend's wedding ring search to create an inspiration board for an event based on the soft glint of gold and dusty blue-green. Click on the image to see full-size.

Invitation: Bella Bella Co.
Venue Image: Love, Luck and Angels
Succulent favor: Pollen Floral Art
Layered jacket image: {frolic}
Ring: Jane Diaz at Eliza Page
Drink: White Sangria from Donna Hay
Bouquet: Pollen Floral Art

August 27, 2008

nyc: abc home & carpet

ABC Home & Carpet was a must-see for me in New York. The selection and styling of the goods approaches an artform. Lots of natural wood, organic forms and pieces that scream Authentic.

I couldn't take my eyes off the silk-flower wall on the ground floor - I still haven't decided whether I love it or despise it. I do love the petrified stump tables below.

Nice ceramics by Jan Burtz. Makes me wonder if you can register for your wedding at ABC?

The natural goods area had a great display of the elements that go into their products - cotton, flax, linen, and a bunch of stuff I couldn't identify.

The children's area had this sweet soft branch with hanging pods. Something about it resonates with how I see a comfy baby's room.

Chandelier of cast metal twigs and glass drops. Natural and sophisticated all at the same time.

August 26, 2008

new york wholesale flower district

I took so many images at the 28th Street floral district when I was there a couple weeks ago, I'm just now wading through them. I had a glorious morning strolling into all the shops, chatting with Lauren at G. Page and Chris at Fischer & Page, both of whom I highly recommend. I'll post some more images from other types of wholesalers later this week!

G. Page shop cat inspecting the succulents... I rubbed his tummy for a good five minutes.

These branches were twice as tall as me.

A cart full of fragrant cottage roses. I didn't know there were this many varieties.

Red and yellow ascelpias, or butterfly weed - one of my favorites.

This guy was processing castor bean pods and curly willow on the curb, before the plant materials made it into the shop.

Chocolate artichokes, poppy pods, succulents, lemons on the branch, chestnuts, and china berries.
Pink asclepias and fuzzy wheat.

Typical at the wholesale shops, protea, dahlias and hypericum berries dry-stacked on rolling carts.

August 25, 2008

the scent of... tomato?

I was wandering aimlessly in Greenwich Village in NYC, and stumbled into the best little stationery shop - Greenwich Letterpress. Scads of cool cards, fun gifts, custom invitations... you name it, they have it. I was particularly drawn to the scent coming from a Kobo candle scented with tomato vine, clover and ivy. A lot of candles smell fake and icky to me, but this was refreshingly different, and Kobo are made with soy wax and lead-free wicks. If you're in Austin you can pick one up at Wildflower Organics. I wonder what the Manchurian Dragon Fruit scent smells like?

August 21, 2008

nyc: vines past and present

While I was in NYC, walking around Chelsea, I picked up a wonderful beet and orange salad at Whole Foods and walked down a tree-lined residential street. As I sat on the steps of a brownstone, soaking up the mild summer air and sunshine, I noticed that a vine almost completely encased the building in front of me. Even more poetic, in past seasons the vine had clambered over to the left, spreading it's tendrils two addresses away.

The intervening occupant had trimmed away the aggressive vine, but on the third building, an amputated skeleton cast a lacy shadow on the stucco, almost like exterior wallpaper...

August 20, 2008

nyc: florisity

I fell in love with Florisity the moment I saw their window display- wisteria vine supporting vases of heliconia. Very unique. The wisteria continues on the ceiling of the spacious 19th Street location, canopying an artful mix of flowers, containers and objet d'art.

The yarn detailing on this branch might inspire me to do something similar for Christmas this year...

A simple bamboo frame, just waiting for a few well-placed flowers...

August 19, 2008

boston: west elm & design*sponge biz ladies meetup

Lauren and I had a great time last week attending the Biz Ladies Meetup organized by Grace at Design*Sponge. Her presentation on marketing was very informative, and you can read the notes right here. I'd never been to a West Elm store before, and I have to say I was pretty impressed with their selection of vases and side tables.

I could see a very beautiful centerpiece built on one of these limed wood platters... or in the salad bowl.

August 18, 2008

nyc: takashimaya

Takashimaya, the Kyoto-based department store, seems to have a small cult following. Their Manhattan 'gallery' of exquisite merchandise is dreamy to float through. Here are a few items I'm putting on my wish list... hydrangea and pussy willow inspired necklaces, and textured ceramic vessels.

I didn't get any shots of the 6th floor floral area, but the ones below, by Shanna Ravindra, from here, really capture the quiet beauty of the displays.