I owe all my aesthetic sense to my parents... growing up I was lucky enough to be surrounded by amazing design, from paintings and sculpture to photography and architecture, all created by my mom and dad who met at art school here in Austin. My earliest memories are of them hammering, planting and planning... we lived in two houses designed and built by them, the second a modern open-plan lofty space situated in a small town who's main events are The Rodeo and The Peach Festival. Let's just say they were ahead of the curve.

I think I always wanted my own business. Seeing my mom meet with clients and hand-draw amazing houses on her tilty drafting table must have gotten in my blood. But it wasn't easy... years after getting a Graphic Design degree and testing my abilities in visual merchandising, antiques vending, and graphic design I still hadn't found my passion.

Then I thought back to a trip I'd taken to Chicago at the end of college and it all came together. I remember sitting in a hotel diner on the shore of the lake, looking across the street to a beautiful little shop that sold fresh flowers and antiques... a young woman was kissing her daughter goodbye for the day, and as she turned to walk into the shop I saw the life I wanted. One surrounded by nature, by so many textures and colors and intoxicating smells. Creating works of art with perishable, fragile beauties like jasmine vine and garden roses. So that is the life I chose...

I spend most days by myself in the studio, with occasional help from my husband Kyle, where I feel quietly focused, spinning through a thousand stems of flowers. Some day my mom will come and live here, and work with me, and maybe if I'm lucky I'll have a little daughter to kiss on the cheek as I walk into my studio for the day ahead.