November 30, 2008

jewelry: agas & tamar

I've decided to branch out a little here at Crosspollination, and share more than just flower-themed treats. There are just too many wonderful things out in the world to share!

Those of you who read my old blog may have read the post on antique glass beads... Well, I just discovered Eli Halili, from Tel Aviv, who creates gorgeous baubles with the same type of ancient beads. They have a little boutique in NYC that sells their range, which I wish I had known about on my recent trip.

November 25, 2008

metalsmith: eva decarlo

I'm craving this birch ring by Eva DeCarlo. I love that she also makes tabletop items like the napkin ring and chopstick holder, below. (via Dear Ada)

November 24, 2008

photographer: ron van dongen

I love the purity of color in these shots. Ron van Dongen's latest book, Bloom, is so soothing to flip through.

And here's a few dark, mysterious shots of the heavenly-scented peonies I bought for our house this week...

November 20, 2008

cookies for lunch

Just made these cookies. For lunch. They're that good. I fiddled a little with the recipe, adding cocoa powder and wheat germ, you know, to make them healthier.

Shots taken with my Canon XSi.

November 19, 2008

seaport flowers

Some beautiful designs from Seaport Flowers (top image from Karen Wise Photography, bottom shots from Seaport Flowers website).

November 17, 2008

photographer: gemma comas

Just discovered a wonderful photographer (via Snippet&Ink) - Gemma Comas. Lovely shots below for MSWeddings. Check out Gemma's blog and website for more goodness.

thanksgiving centerpieces

In the mood to make a unique Thanksgiving centerpiece? One that you can dismantle and eat the day after? Well, browse on for a few ideas I threw together with flowers and veggies from the Whole Foods Market.

November 13, 2008

jewelry: cake jewelry

Lovely things from Cake in Los Angeles... Mushka Bud Portrait Earrings and Coral Cap Bracelet by Billie Shane.

And the next three are by Melissa McClure, who's loft was recently profiled on Design*Sponge. What a great live/work area!

November 11, 2008

wedding: california eclectic

I can't quit thinking about this wedding that Kathryn posted about on Snippet & Ink. The flowers are so unlike anything I could come up with, and isn't that always the most inspiring thing to come across? I'm into begonia leaves in bouquets lately, and what an unexpected combo with cattelaya orchids, blue thistle and fern curls!

Photography by Jose Villa, flowers by Modern Day Design. Both of their sites are chocka with amazing weddings. See Jose's blog for even more images of this California wedding.

November 10, 2008

jewelry: buttons

The only thing particularly floral about these necklaces by Buttons are the names: Hollyhock, Dahlia and Fuschia from top to bottom. We stock these gems at The Cream of Matakana, and I love that the business is run by a trio of ladies in Wellington. Gorgeous execution, elevating craft to a whole new level. Check out their website for more one-of-a-kind pieces, and jewelry for girls (Buttonettes!).

November 8, 2008

letterpress: satsuma press

Lovely and simple letterpress cards from Satsuma Press. Via Tay's new blog advertising the Sunday Best Holiday Sale in Portland.

November 7, 2008

jewelry: mari ishikawa

Loving this dusty miller-inspired ring and quote from metalsmith Mari Ishikawa... from Klimt02.

"The flowers and weeds in a field attract me as well. Their various shapes and perfection surprises me. For whom and for what is it so beautiful?
They are just there. I feel that their existence tells more than a thousand words sometimes.
Under the moon light we can share our life with nature."

-Mari Ishikawa