February 24, 2013

locally grown with ram's horns

I created an arrangement this week for IEIaustin, which is "focused on creating spaces that celebrate environmentally-inspired art and design". So sustainability is key, and I love them for championing it.

I pulled succulents and kalanchoe plants propagated at East Austin Succulents, clipped begonia and Crested Bear Paw Fern that have been growing in my house for a very long time (does that make them local?? probably not by the strictest standards), artichoke leaves from my garden, and dianella and aloe blooms from landscaping in my front yard. Oh, and of course I had to throw in a pair of horns from a Barbados sheep ram named Big Boy that lived a good life on my parent's acreage in North Texas. What a strange and beautiful combination it turned out to be!

gilded succulents with poppies & orchids

Lush spring colors and textures... gilded succulents make everything better in my opinion. The Blanton Museum's beautiful blue tile backdrop doesn't hurt either.

February 22, 2013

loot warehouse warming recap

Oh, it was so fun! The food was amazing and the company was lively. Thanks Rhoda, Anna, & Emily for throwing such a wonderful shindig, and asking me to bring some flowers. I can't wait to see the images that Paige Newton shot, especially of the private dining room setup with gold-dipped bottles and taper candles that Emily set up... really magical.

February 18, 2013

loot vintage rentals warehouse warming!

Yup, we'll be there with all the beautiful flowers we can find... please do stop by and say helloooo. All the best vendors in the city will be there, and I promise it will be a rockin' party.

February 10, 2013

red fall bouquets & a little horsing around

She-N-He Photography always gets great shots... and Melanie is so fun to work with. This gorgeous day at Hummingbird House is no exception.

I love that Melanie captured the Groom and his Men horsing around with the bouquets... they look like quite the crew!

February 9, 2013

neon bromeliad spikes

Neon pink and blue bromeliad spikes mixed with tillandsia, succulents, mokara orchids, and birch at the recent UT Visual Art Center opening.

peonies in february

Stunning pink peonies, orchids and anemones for a party this last week...


Valentine's Day is approaching, and I feel like I keep gravitating toward lush, pink flowers. So fun to be unabashedly girly and romantic! Ok, I did sneak some tillandsias in there too.