March 30, 2011

flowers for a cellist

Kyle and I had the pleasure of attending this concert at the Texas Performing Arts Center, as well as doing the flowers for the reception. It was an incredible experience.

March 4, 2011

professional workshop

I had a super fun afternoon recently with Lauren - she came all the way from Fort Collins, Colorado to hang out with me in the studio and learn how to create wedding flowers! She's already a grower and designer, and can you believe the beautiful arrangements she turned out in 4 hours? This girl's one to watch...

March 2, 2011

chez wedd at allan house

So, wedding season begins! We set up a sweet little table at the recent Chez Wedd show held at Allan House... I was inspired by all things spring. And I'm loving my new business cards that have a different image on the back of each card.

A bouquet of mostly succulents, with arabicum, and palm fiber.

A ranunculus bout and anemone corsage. The real mood moss was a huge hit, people couldn't stop petting it.

A bouquet of all the best spring has to offer...

gilded flowers

I gilded these yellow pincushions with a light dusting of gold paint, perfect for their appearance at the Tribeza Wedding Day show, on Gilda Grace's table. Some of my favorite things made it into this arrangement, and I just couldn't stop taking pictures of it... heavenly scented gardenias, green ruffled ranunculus, fuzzy kalanchoe, a snippet of my rare vining begonia plant, and of course some wasp nests, one of which also got goldilocks'd.