December 24, 2012

super natural wedding

We headed out to Palmetto State Park to provide some local flowers to K's cousin and his beautiful bride this fall. What an amazing outdoor ceremony and an amazing couple. All images except the one below of the State Park's pavilion by Close to Home Photography.

winter colors

When the peach amaryllis explode in this it's gonna be beautiful. Who says you can't do peach, yellow and silver for Christmas?

December 15, 2012

amoa-arthouse holiday party

succulent, kalanchoe and tillandsia terrariums

Now on sale at Sabia Apothecary and Spa. Concrete and glass terrariums with long-lasting succulents, kalanchoe, aloe and tillandsia. Custom orders also available for delivery before Christmas!

holiday party at the austonian

It's so hard to tell in this lighting, but the anemones are gorgeous burgundy and purple. With draping birch, pine, cypress and silver tree. And a lady slipper orchid or two.

peony and garden rose wreath

I don't do funeral work very often, but yesterday I delivered this wreath. As I was driving home I heard the awful news about the recent school shooting. So, so sad.

December 8, 2012

fall dahlias and garden roses with tillandsia

I forgot to show you this fall wedding at Green Pastures... gorgeous oranges and burgundy dahlias with succulents, tillandsia and garden roses.

pollen on the cooking channel website

We created some flowers for Camille Styles and the Cooking Channel a few months back, and it's been so hard to not show you these gorgeous arrangements... the full post is up now, so go take a look at all the yummy food and sophisticated drinks that Camille's team put together. Here's a few images I took before the shoot...

 And here are a few Melanie Grizzell of She-N-He Photography took.

red, aqua and feathers at the blanton

tillandsia, peonies, fern and vine

A centerpiece for a creative ladies' lunch. Lots of unusual textures - I love it when the requested
palette is green.

December 1, 2012

tillandsia and bromeliad wreaths

This is terribly short notice, but I'll be doing a demo tomorrow (Sunday) at 1pm at Sabia on how to make non-traditional wreaths using natural items like tillandsia plants. It's free, so if you're downtown stop by and catch the 30 minute demonstration and shop the wreaths I'll have on sale - and of course pick up some great gifts at Sabia!

The 24" tillandsia wreath shown in the top three images is $145, and the 12" shown below is $95. Tillandsias do wonderfully outside here in Austin - you may have to give them a squirt with the hose in the summer a few times, and bring them in when it freezes, but otherwise they are pretty low-maintenance.