June 27, 2012


Suzi, Alina and I have had a spectacular time in Brooklyn and NYC. Denise was a wonderful collaborator and couldn't have been sweeter. I can't wait to see the images of our flowers that Suzi shot...

June 9, 2012

peach peonies

I had to buy them, so gorgeously striped and speckled with magenta... Luckily a friend stopped by and I was able to pawn them off on her.

June 7, 2012

blue, green, purple, honey and white flowers

Some soothing blue and green flowers for the Blanton's Human Touch event. Still haven't gotten over that beautiful blue wall.

June 2, 2012

sunflowers and craspedia

italian style flowers

Italy, transported to a deer farm in Texas? Artichokes as big as my head, sgraffito eggplant, olive foliage and clematis made it feel like a gorgeous, but hot, day in Italy. And passionvine from outside my vet's office (they owe me).