March 2, 2011

chez wedd at allan house

So, wedding season begins! We set up a sweet little table at the recent Chez Wedd show held at Allan House... I was inspired by all things spring. And I'm loving my new business cards that have a different image on the back of each card.

A bouquet of mostly succulents, with arabicum, and palm fiber.

A ranunculus bout and anemone corsage. The real mood moss was a huge hit, people couldn't stop petting it.

A bouquet of all the best spring has to offer...


The Monkey Flower Group said...

Hello Brooke,

I just popped over to say hi and thank you again for introducing yourself, and my goodness, I'm so glad! Pollen was one of the first floral shops I bookmarked as a favorite, but that was before I had caught on to the blog thing. What a pleasure to find it now. Thank you!

All the best,


julianna said...

I love your succulent bouquet--gorgeous!