February 24, 2013

locally grown with ram's horns

I created an arrangement this week for IEIaustin, which is "focused on creating spaces that celebrate environmentally-inspired art and design". So sustainability is key, and I love them for championing it.

I pulled succulents and kalanchoe plants propagated at East Austin Succulents, clipped begonia and Crested Bear Paw Fern that have been growing in my house for a very long time (does that make them local?? probably not by the strictest standards), artichoke leaves from my garden, and dianella and aloe blooms from landscaping in my front yard. Oh, and of course I had to throw in a pair of horns from a Barbados sheep ram named Big Boy that lived a good life on my parent's acreage in North Texas. What a strange and beautiful combination it turned out to be!