October 17, 2008

drivin' to nola

Today I am driving to New Orleans to provide flowers and emotional support to my best friend, who will be getting married at the lovely Princess Monaco Courtyard at Cafe Amelie in the French Quarter. So fun! I'll be sure to post images of the floral design and the event as a whole (after I recover, of course).

And next week I'll be flying back to Auckland from Dallas/Fort Worth after a final visit with my parents. My time in Austin has been exactly what I hoped it would be, a time to refresh my spirit and gain some perspective. I'm excited to hit the ground running in New Zealand, and see what surprises the future holds. I'll be back to blogging the following week.


Jodi said...

Hi Brooke,
Can't wait to see you and hear all about your adventures.
Have a good flight home.
Jodi x

Charlotte said...

ooh! there you are!
off to new orleans - how fabulous. nice to see you'll be back in nz. we'll be there again in a year or so.