March 20, 2009

small stump is branching out

How beautiful are these arrangements by Jill Pilotte at Small Stump? She's adding flowers to her already interesting offerings, working with Alethea - a friend and former workmate at Rose and Radish, to form Studio Choo. (Choo is their nickname for each other.) I can't wait to see more! I just wished I lived in San Francisco so I could be on the receiving end of the arrangement in the birch bark vase. Check Jill's blog for more great images.


Fiore fresco said...

Hi Brooke-
Thanks for your sweet comment! Of course you may show some of my work on your blog--I'm so flattered! I have featured a few real weddings from other florists, but any of those will state that they are by so-and-so. And I'd love to return the compliment!

Denise Fasanello said...

oh these are delightful!