September 21, 2009

blue and orange wedding

I had the pleasure of providing Paulette and Doug with some beautiful garden-y wedding flowers this past weekend. Luckily the orange ball dahlias were still available, so I mixed them with orange ranunculus, lilies, crocosmia and mokara orchids, and blue delphinium and hydrangea. Bride's bouquet below.

And the bridesmaid bouquets, corsages, and bouts.

The cake turned out fun, with the croscosmia tips really echoing the icing pattern and color. Decorating cakes always makes me hungry, due to the wonderful sugary smell as you lean over them!

Ceremony arrangements with Bird of Paradise, the bride's favorite, mixed with kiwi vine, hydrangea, delphinium, lilies, orchids and crocosmia. I wrapped the container in coconut bark before resting in the glass cylinders.

And finally, simple little centerpieces. Thanks to the bride and groom for giving me such fun colors to work with. Stay tuned for more wedding images this October!


Lucky Designs said...

What amazing colors!

i'm erin said...

gorgeous work brooke! love the bark wrap for the cylinders - different + interesting.

Anonymous said...

You know, hearing "blue and orange" sounded not so pleasant, but seeing what you did with them, just exactly the right tones of each color, just sooo lovely!! Beautiful wedding!