February 27, 2010

succulents and nests

I set up a buffet and coffee-table display at Mary Sledd's open house this week (great photographer, check her out!). I used a mix of locally grown succulents with cut flowers and bird and wasp nests, and coconut fiber. I feel like I'm over-using some of these elements lately, but the little nests are so cool I just can't leave them out!

Materials include a green kalanchoe, a kalanchoe flower spike, orangey-yellow tulips, sea bells (my wholesaler calls this kind dog-eye euphorbia), pussy willow, alocasia leaves, coconut fiber, yellow pincushions, and bird and wasp nests.


Floralovely said...

So beautiful and so different! Gorgeous work xo Louise

Janet said...

I love both of these arrangements! What kind of succulent did you use in the low arrangement?