November 25, 2011

a traditionally non-traditional thanksgiving

We sat down to eat, and of course my parents' 29 chickens and 1 rooster were pecking on the door. Not because we were eating turkey-we weren't-but because they wanted to share in the meal. Ha. They know they get all the scraps.

So what were we eating? Grilled rosemary lambchops with balsamic sauce... lamb that my parents raised on their land, a lamb that had a name and that had a wonderful life. Kyle made the best sweet potato casserole with vanilla marshmallows, and green bean casserole. There was wild rice salad. And pumpkin custard pie for dessert with whipped cream and a pecan crust. Kind of traditional and kind of not, just the way we like it.

After the meal we walked the pasture, trying to avoid the horns on Jose the ram-the next to be 'going to the freezer'. It will be poignant, because Jose was the lamb my mom took under her wing when his sheep-mother rejected him. He got to sleep in her bed! He got bottle fed for months. But that also made him a bit too comfortable around people.

We were out in the pasture to inspect Dad's new solar-powered water pump. When he bought the property years ago there was a beautiful but decaying windmill anchoring the hill. But now it's been replaced by 2 panels that can pump water even when there's no electricity or wind.

It's been good to take a break from our hectic life in's been an exhausting year of professional and emotional growth. I'm looking forward to Christmas this year, I used to take for granted that our cold winters in the Northern Hemisphere are studded with social, fun occasions that often involve lights and gifts and good food-not so in the Southern Hemisphere. I spent some long, cold winters in NZ. So I'm thankful this holiday season to be spending time with our family, and enjoying the positive energy swirling around right now. Hope your holidays are merry and bright!

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Denise said...

Hi Brooke,
So glad to hear you are having a nice break. Sounds wonderful. Enjoy the holidays! I'll be talking to you xoxo