April 2, 2012

local bouquet, and some thoughts

I took a walk tonight... I really needed one. Everyone was out and about, soaking up the last days of coolness before the heat settles in. Southerners will understand this.

I walked past cooking-dinner smells, and fully-open-garden-rose smells, and fresh-mown-grass smells. I ate mulberries off the tree in a busy corner of Shipe Park. I walked away with purple stained fingers and a smile... I'm a forager now.

I needed the walk because we've had some serious things going on over here. Life-changing things. Things that make you lie awake at night and wonder which of your many dreams are going to come true. Because don't we only get a certain number that make it all the way to reality in this life?

I had minor surgery two weeks ago. It was a Tuesday. That same day I received an email asking if I'd like to work on a project that I've been dreaming about for a long time. Of course I would! I might have even hopped up and down. But this is a project that involves many people, and if it's one thing a small business owner has a hard time with it's sharing control of a project.

So I have lots of growing and learning to do. It's time. I'm at a good point with Pollen; the business is swimming along and growing on it's own. Our sales figures from last year surprised me (so did the actual profit, but in the opposite way). I still love the day-to-day... the wedding set-ups and making something beautiful for someone's birthday. But I have other things I'd like to experience within this floral life.

This is a beautiful wedding we did on March 24th, with about half locally-grown flowers.

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Janet said...

Good luck on your big project. I know you'll rock it!