August 6, 2013

our not-so-little black kitty

We shared our lives for 11 years with a curious, sweet, persistent, biscuit-making, shower-water-drinking, early-morning-crying little bundle of love. Nothing made him happier than hopping into bed with us in the morning to apply his feet (and unfortunately claws) to my chest in a purring moment of affection. It was with many tears that we said goodbye to him last night, leaving a hole that will take lots of time to heal. We are giving Billy Bob extra chin scratches, and hoping that Tino's little spirit watches over us in the coming years.

1 comment:

Erin said...

awwww brooke! i didn't know - i'm so sorry. tino was a champ and y'all did right by him always. hope billy bob settles in okay. xoe633