September 22, 2008

chrysanthemum tea

Have you ever heard of chrysanthemum tea? I hadn't. But today I found myself having a very yummy cup at a fabulous dim sum brunch. The steaming pot was served with chunky crystals of rock sugar to toss into the teeniest little tea cups. And when I looked in the pot, I don't know why, but I was surprised to see actual blooms floating in the water. Maybe the floral designer is coming out in me... chrysanthemums aren't my favorite flower to design with, and the smell of the cut stems is a little acrid. So I was expecting a not-too-pleasant, hard to drink concoction. But it was delicate and freshing, and another diner and I felt positively relaxed and spacey after several cups. Hmmm, this might be something to brew at home before bedtime.

Image from here.

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