September 23, 2008

decorating a tricky cake

Mmm. Tres leches cake. But tricky to decorate... with hydrangea, ranunculus, and geranium leaves.


porter hovey said...

Wow! What a great blog. Just love every single entry!!

Angie said...

Quick question... how did you make the ring of floral around the base of the cake plate? Did you use a oasis ring? Thanks!!

Brooke said...

Thanks Porter - I love the images on your blog.

Angie - I think you could use an Oasis ring, although I didn't know what the cake was going to look like, so I arrived with loose flowers. I just tucked a few cuts of hydrangea at the base and then added the other flowers and leaves. That particular kind of green hydrangea dries well, so won't wilt like some hydrangea in the absence of water. Thanks for reading.