January 29, 2009

changes are afoot

LinkI will be posting sporadically in the next month, as some exciting things are happening here. I thought I'd leave you with this image of bouts that I took for Bouquets of Austin this past summer.

It finally looks like our New Zealand house will proceed to closing on Feb. 12th. Which means that there is absolutely a million things to do to get ourselves and our 2 cats back to Austin. Hopefully we'll be able to enjoy a few more weeks of beautiful Auckland weather - sunny beaches, cool evenings, and good waves. Going through all our stuff today, I had a moment of sadness, as we'll be leaving almost everything we brought with us here. But life isn't about things, and hey, there's an Ikea in Austin!

I can't wait to see everyone in Texas. Contrary to popular sayings, maybe you can go home again.

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shelia day said...

Keith mentioned that you were moving back when I told him that I had been reading your blog. Congrats!