May 30, 2011

modern chuppah and cake

Blooming succulents on the cake, with coral cockscomb... my fav.

And hubby setting up the chuppah. Turned out great in the end, but the wind almost blew the fabric and flowers right off of it! And the petals on the aisle? Forget it! We had to have guests toss them at the bride's feet as she walked down the aisle, and they sailed right over the balcony down to the people eating outside at the cafe below. Gotta love nature, she always throws in something unexpected...
Who wouldn't love this man?!? He created this amazing modern structure from scratch, in a week, welding and doing all the woodwork. He also pretty much set it up by himself, and broke it down a few hours after that. Just one of the many reasons I heart him.

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