November 12, 2010

succulents, fern curls and ivory majolikas

A fun day today - making this bouquet and the bouts and corsages with K in our home studio. Succulents, as often as they now pop up in wedding work, always make me happy. A touch of taupe reindeer moss adds a different texture.

I'm working on a darkly sweet display for a friend's open studio tomorrow at East Austin Studio Tour. Can't wait to show you pictures of it... Dutchman's Pipe carnivorous pitchers mixed with garden roses, jasmine vine and other lovelies.

I'm loving this wacky weather, it's so hot and humid today I've been sweating in a tanktop. Probably not for long.


Sprout said...

So in love with this! The reindeer moss touches - brilliant!

~My Fleur Journey~ said...

Gorgeous!! The boutonniere is perfect!!

Cadet said...

The boutonniere is perfection. BJ Dyer AIFD