June 12, 2008

auckland flower shop: vida flores

There's a wonderful little flower shop called Vida Flores in Newmarket, a trendy neighborhood in Auckland (all images from their website). Davina, the owner, is super nice and has a great modern style. Right before Christmas, I collaborated with them on a wedding at Hopetoun Alpha. The bride, a friend of ours, wanted a classic, elegant 50's theme. I created this phalaenopsis bouquet with little rhinestones and silver ribbon in a simple teardrop shape.

To make a similar bouquet wire whole draping stems, individual blooms, and green buds of white phalaenopsis orchids with florist's wire and white waxed tape. Gather the longest stems together and add the shorter ones on top, tucking in individual blossoms and buds, making sure all the holes are filled (check the shape in a mirror as you hold the bouquet at waist level).

The petals tend to bruise very easily, so working slowly and gently is essential. Wire and add the rhinestones, and firmly wrap the handle with waxed tape. To hide the taped stems add a few loops of silver ribbon at the top of the handle. To wrap the handle start from the bottom, wrapping the ribbon over the end, then tightly encircling the loose end as you work up. Secure with a pearl-headed pin at the top.

Since the blooms won't be getting any more water, it's a good idea to do this type of bouquet the day of the wedding, storing it in a cool place until the ceremony.

*If you want to do a round bouquet instead of a teardrop shape, it's easy to start with a white hydrangea head and thread wired phalo's through it; this provides good support.

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