June 19, 2008

floral textiles by creative ladies

Lately I've noticed some awesome textile designs, which all seem to be originating in the Southern Hemisphere. Maybe the flower and leaf shapes down here are particularly inspiring? Whatever the reason, I'm loving these graphic screened and block-printed fabrics by a bevy of creative ladies. The images below are from Jesse's great blog, Jezzeblog. Check out her Etsy page to purchase yardage. Sample swatches shown below...

Love the patterns juxtaposed on these fabric buckets... hmmm, would be great for storing yarn.

I particularly like doing floral designs with proteas, so this green print is my favorite of the lot, I think.

I've also been reading Kirin Notebook for a while, ever since getting really interested in Melbourne. Lara has a great eye for color - and this print of ginkgo leaves looks super cool in aqua on a bag by Mattt bags.

Lara's even applied her illustrations to letterpressed cards, below. Check out her beautiful website to see the whole range of current products (looks like a lot more coming soon, too!) It's way cool that she uses hemp/organic cotton and cotton/linen blend fabrics screen printed with environmentally friendly, solvent free inks.

And last, but not least, is Heather from Skinny laMinx. Shop for tea towels, aprons, bags and fabric on her Etsy page (while admiring the photo styling), or see more of her illustration work on her website.

Thanks, ladies, for inspiring all of us! And if you've got a design that would be perfect on fabric, I just found out about a great new company called Spoonflower that will print your designs on fabric in small runs. I'm definitely going to give it a try when they open up to the general public (still in beta right now, printing is by invitation only).

And in case you don't know about Spacecraft, hop on over to their website and check out their funky fabrics - looks like they use realistic flower shapes in some of their designs (is that purple agapanthus I see laying on the floor or their studio?). See shots of their Melbourne shop on Gertrude St. at The Design Files here (best shopping guide to any city I've seen, Lucy you're a genius), or read this post on modamuse, or this one on Studio Home Creative.

Just noticed Design*Sponge has a great feature as well on textiles using floral motifs from a company called Three Sheets 2 the Wind. Looks like it may be time for some new bed linens around here.


Heather Moore said...

Yay for the Southern Hemisphere! Thanks for including my things in such a great post, and also for the very exciting Spoonflower link!

mizu designs said...

thanks so much for this post. i love and have known about lara and jezze's work for a while but didn't know about 3 sheets to the wind. their sheets and pillows are just exquisite.

Dizzy said...

Well done to the designers in the Southern Hemisphere of these stunning prints!

pippijoe said...

they all inspire me too! you've out together a nice collection!