June 29, 2008

designer, stylist, blogger: chelsea fuss

It seems like blogging is fast becoming the most exciting infotainment medium - I'm just watching The Food Lover's Guide on The National Geographic channel, and it's a whole episode devoted to food bloggers... I never knew about Chez Pim or David Lebovitz, but now I'm on to them! Hey, how 'bout a show on design bloggers?

So, today I'd like to feature the work of a great blogger, stylist and floral designer Chelsea Fuss. Based in Portland, Chelsea writes {frolic!}, a beautiful and inspiring read. Don't forget to check out her portfolio to see more images like the ones below...

Thanks Chelsea, maybe I'll see you in Portland sometime soon. For more floral blogging visit another Portlander, Pam at housemartin, and New Yorker Sarah at Saipua.

Photographers, from top: Evrim Icoz, John Valls, Stewart Harvey, Stewart Harvey.

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chelsea said...

Thank you, Brooke!