June 22, 2008

designer interview: katie elfers

I'm so happy to introduce you to Katie Elfers of Inspired Floral Design from Ft. Wright, Kentucky. Katie's path into floral design and owning her own company is similar to my own, but, judging from the picture below, she obviously has way better taste in shoes! Thanks for answering some questions for crosspollination...

How did you first get interested in flowers, and come to own Inspired Floral Design?

I was a DIY bride in 2004 and flowers were a big priority for me in my wedding. I really wanted something a little dramatic and textural. I ordered a ton of flowers from an online source and scoured the side of the road and creek beds for weeds, for lack of a better term. When I saw the buckets and buckets of flowers and the different personalities of all the blooms, I was just smitten! It truly was my favorite part about planning my wedding.

Over the next few years I helped a few friends with their own weddings. In January of 2007 I lost my 9-5 desk job and thought it was time I decided what I wanted to be when I grew up! I always called my desire to work with flowers a "pipe dream" and with a little bit of inspiration and a ton of support from my family Inspired Floral Design was created with little more than a name and a desire to work.

Today I take great pride in working mostly from word of mouth referrals and being able to bring the passion I have for flowers to such an integral part of a couple's wedding day. Every event is a labor of love!

What flowers or foliages are you loving right now? What color combinations?

I'm loving the way bride's seem to be getting more comfortable with infusing their own personalities into their wedding details. I'm really drawn to dramatic colors and textures. I love the moodiness of purples and reds, the cozy effect of browns and blues on a white color palette.
I like using small flowers with big personalities in with more traditional flowers... blue tweedia has this rustic, woodsy friendliness; berzelia berries and fern curls add an exotic elegance to an otherwise traditional arrangement.

What trends do you see emerging this season in floral design?

There's a big draw toward the vintage feeling. This can range from the glam addition of feathers, rhinestones and other art deco elements to the more subtle additions of soft foliages like dusty miller and geranium leaves with yellowed or antique-toned color combinations.

What designers, creatives and artists inspire you?

I really gravitate towards the work of a lot of UK floral designers like Jane Packer and Paula Pryke. I feel like there's this preservation of the sense of charm in their arrangements. I also look to a lot of custom/hand made artists on sites like etsy.com to find inspiration in the form of stationery, jewelry and other accessories that marry that sense of character and beauty.

What would you do on your perfect day off?

I love this question! I'd bake cupcakes and play dress up with my daughters, take a hike in the woods with my son and spend the evening on the porch with a bottle of wine and the company of my husband watching the lightening bugs wake up... :)

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