July 29, 2008

a balcony of potted succulents

What do you do in Texas when it gets so hot you can barely stand the thought of going outside? You make your outside spaces visually cool and refreshing!

This morning I helped my friend Nancy pot up a large pencil cactus for one of her client's balconies that gets full sun almost all day. Luckily Nancy had already completed the plantings in the 2 smaller green pots with succulents, cactus and echeverias by the time I got there. For low maintenance in the Texas heat you can't beat this type of container garden. (Cactus in terracotta pot on table from another source.)

Oh, how I wish I had access to this luxurious outside space, with gorgeous views over Austin... I'd kick back with a Mint & Honey Sweet Leaf Tea, and hope the mosquitos couldn't find me.

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