July 1, 2008

wholesaler: accent decor

One of my fav parts of owning Pollen used to be picking out the vases and cool containers. Recently I looked up one of my past resources - Accent Decor, a wonderful wholesale company that sells to floral designers, and I realized they've got a great website. And not only that, but Els Teunissen, a wonderful European designer, has produced some amazing designs in AD containers... look through the inspiring gallery here. The tablescape below features reclaimed stump vases and banksia cones, both from the Eco collection, which also includes recycled glassware and other goodies.

Reclaimed wood boxes, above, and cypress-inspired ceramic containers, below.

Not forgetting ceramics, the Soho bud vases above would be great in a modern kitchen, or the Mossy pots below on a garden table...

The Plate glass containers, above, might not be for everyone, but I love that AD does some edgy, urban pieces. They also do some more subtle, everyday type of glassware, below.

Ah, and my favorite little accessory - the glass Donut, which floats in a bowl of water, supporting a single glorious bloom of your choice. Of course there's tons more to discover on the Accent Decor site, and I'm sure there's at least one floral designer in your area that orders regularly...

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chelsea said...

I love those reclaimed wooden boxes.