July 7, 2008

real wedding: purple, white, green and orange

The setting for this wedding was a relocated and renovated chapel in a quaint events center on the outskirts of Austin. Very authentic and Texasy. The bride chose greens, purples and white accented with orange, with the odd bird's nest thrown in. I had such a blast creating all the unique personal flowers and arrangements...

Ceremony image shots by YiMay Yang, a great Austin-based photographer.

The arrangements flanking the ceremony are filled with globe allium, green hydrangea, fresh lotus pods, white agapanthus, fern curls, branches, bells of Ireland, a maidenhair fern plant, white dendrobium orchids, and real birds nests (found on the ground after a storm - no birdlings were harmed in the scavanging of these nests).

The centerpieces feature white peonies, umbrella fern foliage, grape hyacinth and a few kumquats.

The bride's bouquet was a profusion of interesting materials - peonies, grape hyacinth, hellebores, scabiosa pods, fresh poppy pods, fern curls, kiwi vine, umbrella fern foliage, and cut and whole kumquats.

The bouts and bridesmaids bouquets included some of the same elements, but each piece was unique to the person carrying or wearing it.

I was trying not to break down laughing when YiMay snapped this shot. "Ok, look like you're adding something to the arrangement..." when I was actually standing a few feet behind it. Ah, the tricks of the camera!

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Sarah said...

stunning -- I love these!