July 4, 2008

happy fourth of july!

Today I'll be nostalgically thinking about all the folks sitting out there on tailgates and blankets, cold lemonade in hand, watching the fireworks. For obvious reasons the Fourth isn't celebrated here in New Zealand, but hey, I'll be headed to the States for a visit soon, and I might have to break into a stale packet of sparklers a week late.

So I thought I'd leave you with a little sneak peak of an event I'll be posting about next week - a truly unique and beautiful wedding filled with orange kumquats, purple globe allium and bird's nests...

The fourth is also my Dad's birthday, so Happy Birthday Dad! I'll see you bright and early at the airport next week (is one am early or late?).


i'm erin in said...

hey brooke: just wanted to let you know i've been stalking/lurking on your blogs for too long. love this one + wish you loads of luck. look us up in austin if you get a chance. we'll be around...sweating between swims. tell kyle 'hi'! love, erin

Brooke said...

hey erin! we'll definitely have to get together! see you soon :)