August 11, 2008

artist & stylist: d'ette cole

I am so happy to discover that my friend D'Ette Cole has a wonderful website showcasing her talents. I love the fresh feeling of the wedding above, showcased on her site. When I worked with D'Ette in my days of being an antiques dealer at Uncommon Objects in Austin many years ago, I was always in awe of her visual abilities. Voila, now she has a stunning portfolio of her styling and artistic abilities. Do check out her website for lots of beautiful surprises.

The weather was gorgeous here in Boston yesterday, and in fact, we went to the beach in RI to really feel the summer vibe (feels a bit fallish today). I'll be putting up some images and stories from NYC and Boston soon... although posting may be spotty the rest of this week due to internet availability (and general fun-havin'). It's summer, yay!


Tepi said...

Agreed -- lovely wedding florals there. Glad to have discovered the site.

chelsea said...

Oooh. I love that green wedding!!! Neat website.