August 6, 2008

handmade: twigs & honey stylish embellishments

These beautiful permanent boutonnieres by Myra Callan, from her twigs & honey Esty shop, are so perfectly executed I now wonder why all us floral folks mess around with fresh ones! Looks like Myra has hit on a great idea - you've got to order with her months in advance. I've also got my eye on this headpiece - do you think I could get away with wearing it to the supermarket?

Myra's also got a wonderful blog, and website for twigs & honey. She's definitely one to watch!

Photos, from top, by Paul Rich Studio,Peter Walkowiak of Peter W Photo/Sade Williams of Black Boxx Photography.

1 comment:

Myra - twigs and honey said...

Thank you so much for this wonderful post!!! You are the sweetest and I'm so flattered. I love your blog too!! Aw~ another blog to consume my free time. ;)