August 26, 2008

new york wholesale flower district

I took so many images at the 28th Street floral district when I was there a couple weeks ago, I'm just now wading through them. I had a glorious morning strolling into all the shops, chatting with Lauren at G. Page and Chris at Fischer & Page, both of whom I highly recommend. I'll post some more images from other types of wholesalers later this week!

G. Page shop cat inspecting the succulents... I rubbed his tummy for a good five minutes.

These branches were twice as tall as me.

A cart full of fragrant cottage roses. I didn't know there were this many varieties.

Red and yellow ascelpias, or butterfly weed - one of my favorites.

This guy was processing castor bean pods and curly willow on the curb, before the plant materials made it into the shop.

Chocolate artichokes, poppy pods, succulents, lemons on the branch, chestnuts, and china berries.
Pink asclepias and fuzzy wheat.

Typical at the wholesale shops, protea, dahlias and hypericum berries dry-stacked on rolling carts.

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